My decoupaged agenda

I bought an agenda in the beginning of the schoolyear but the cover was not so much to my liking; a skaterboy... so not me ^^;. I also had some free mangapromotionbooks from Düsselfdorf, those were the perfect covers for my agenda ^^. Decoupaging is actually very simple :)
Here's what you need:
- pictures, photographs, magazine clippings, all paper.
- white craft glue (that dries transparent) like Modge Podge
- a paint brush and something to put your glue on (like a lid from a container or st)
- something you want to decoupage

And how you get it done!
Take your pictures and lay them out on your cover to see what's the best way.
Spread glue on your base (in my case the cover) and put your pictures on, I did them one at a time, so put your picture on, brush glue over it and put on the next. Do all the base and let it dry.
When it's dry, give them another layer of glue and let dry.
Mine was still a bit sticky so I used transparent tacky paper to cover it up.
And you're finished!
'Cause the mangapictures were black 'n white, and I love colour. I added some aquarel paint on the pictures before I put them on the cover.
The front