Glee swap: package arrived ^^

Remeber I joined a glee swap? Here are the lovely things I got from my partner ^^
Here's everything together

First thing I opened was a sweater clip! inspired by Emma, Yay ^^
On the letter she gave me was a golden star, I think I'm going to make a bracelet round it.

and in action:

Next up, I found a 'My cat's been reading my diary" diary! Haha, so clever ^^
Think I'm going to use this for my swaps or blogging ideas.

Next one I opened was something I couldn't put my finger on... I first thought it was a threadcatcher but it didn't have a weighted piece to hold it from falling from my table, when I read the letter I got it Cheesy A laptop case! And it just just fits my laptop. Itfeatures one of the great oneliners of Brittany

Last but not least, a I'm a Gleek shirt with a characterised touch ^^ We discussed this and I'm glad we did ^^ Lovely result! 10 points if you can guess who's on there and which song he/she's singing !

and for extra's I got a bookmark stamped with glee (everything was packed in Glee stamped paper) and Muisjes, literally translated: little mouses, these are little anise balls, really yummy Smiley
In Holland, they are presented on biscuits everytime a baby is born, hence the Beth card ^^

Thankyou very much Vanillyz, I really love everything and enjoyed crafting for you and chatting with you ^^