Belgium and candy

and one candy in particular: Cuberdons!

Jup, Belgium has more candy to offer than chocolate alone.
It's very likely that you have never heard or seen this candy before. You know why...
Cuberdons or Neuzen, literally translated as Noses because of the shape, are only made in Belgium.
They can't be shipped off to other countries because of the limited pot life. After 3 weeks they start to turn into sugar so don't wait to long before eating. Although I doubt they'll be in your cabinet very long.

Cuberdons are really yummy! The standard ones, as you can see in the picture are purple-red and have a raspberry flavor. 25 more flavors were developed just a few years ago so now you have black ones which taste like anise; strawberries, cherries, lemon, banana, pineaplle, coconut, vanille, cola, melon, orange, peache, apple, pear, pepermint, kiwi, lavender, viola, cinnamon 
The head ingrediĆ«nt from Neuzen is Arabic gum which gives it his typical texture. Hard on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside.

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