Sophie & Toffee Review 4#

Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by Sophie & Toffee, but I will give my honest opinion on these products. Thankyou so much for the products!

Some time ago, mailman waked me in the morning with a package from Sophie & Toffee ^^
If that isn't a good start of a day, I don't know what is :D

Here's the loot:

Black Lightweight Paper Clay - Japanese Hearty Brand (click)
Red Lightweight Paper Clay - Japanese Hearty Brand (click) (these are now on discount!)
This is really erally really light weight! I picked up the package with the two and I was like: "Is there anything in here?" Sooo soft to touch and to work with. It doesn't feel damp at all like my other light weight clay. The red colour is lovely! I made a few little items with (no pictures yet) they are relatively easy to mold and make things with. I like them! If the item is dry it's squishy, very funny :D
Some (better) reviews about this clay, can you find at All About Deco, here

Polymer Clay Canes - Daisy Flower in Blue (click)
Polymer Clay Canes - Apple Fruit (click)
Snowflakes Polymer Clay Sticks (click)
First time I'm seeing canes in real life, hehe :D. I haven't used these in any deco projects yet but they are really lovely, and easy to cut through!

Round Lady Gray Cameo  (click)
Big Round Lady Cameo in Gray (click)
Lady Cameo Cabochons (click)
Next to flowers and lace/ruffles, cameos are my big all time love! Sophie & Toffee has 3 designs with a woman's head on (they also have one with a rose) I ordered the right ones before and loved them very much! That big one would be great as a pendant on a pearl necklace I think ^^.

Realistic Ice Cream Scoops Cabochons in brown & white (click)
Super Big Black Classic Bow Cabochons (click)
I knew the bow was going to be big but this big?! Wow! I wanted to use it on my mobile phone but this size is a bit to large, still I like the design of the bow and I'll find a use for it! The scoops are great, they have a real kind of texture which I can't get making them myself.

Cute Small Panda Bear Cabochon (click)
Japanese Snow Rabbits Cabochons (click)
Fimo Poker Aces (click)
I love pandas so I was thrilled to find a panda cabochon in my package ^^

Exclusive Pink Plated Adjustable Ring Pad High Quality 8mm (click)
I was hoping the pink would be a bit more redish, turned out not to be but that's just me ^^'
I think this works great with some of their flower cabochons which you can see here (click)

Sophie & Toffee have given me this discount code to my readers, If you enter VALERIE10 on your checkout, you receive a discount of 10% of your purchase!