First try at Resin

Last year I bought some resin with a gift card from Schleiper. So far it's been sitting in my box for more than a year. Why you ask? Because I was scared of resin ... I didn't really know how to handle it, I wanted to try it (that's why I bought it) but still, you have to take several precautions, be precise and have patience. A few week back I thought, it's enough! and I tried resin for the first time!
Turned out to be easy! ^^
I used this great tutorial on threadbanger:

This is the packet I bought, it contains:
- Crystal resin part A
- Crystal resin part B
- Two measuring cups
- Two spatula
- Gloves

You also need a cup to mix in, something to cover up your mouth and it's better to work outside.
I start to work outside, then it began to rain so I had to move indoor, so the garage, leaving the gate open, seemed like the best spot.
You should carefully read the instructions on the package if you're new to this (not like said in the tutorial just eyeing it out ... she has experience. )

The general method is taking a mold or an icecubetray (which afterwards you can never ever use to make icecubes again, duh!) Then add a layer or resin, wait for it to dry, add another layer, add your paper or anything (flowers, beads, glitter, ...), wait for it to dry and add new layers.
I tried some, and here are my results.

This is going to be a pattern holder or just something nice to look at :D A paper weight or something.
It's Japanese paper that you see in there.

Here are my icecubes, which I filled with glitter because glitter rules ^^
For the silver ones I used the ultra fine silver glitter from Sophie & Toffee, the other ones are from a craft store. I must say, the one from Sophie & Toffee is indeed ultra fine! It gave a nice diversity to the other glitters. The one on the right at the first row has glitter and an origami lucky star and there's another one with beads in.
I'll be turning these in pendants or hang them on a keychain or something. We'll see ;)

Some tips:
- wait long enough untill the first layer is dry. Or you'll end up with paper that sinks to the bottom and begins to take strange shapes. Patience people!! (and especially to myself ^^')
- you can throw lots of things in there but be sure you have them ready to throw in!