Sophie & Toffee Review 3#

Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by Sophie & Toffee, but I will give my honest opinion on these products.

These are the items they sent me. I am so excited to try out their own polymer clay! (which will have to wait for another post though) But first I'll show you the rest of the items.

One of the things I absolutely loved in their stock is their huge variety of flowers. I think almost every girl loves flowers right? I got a selection of some of their lovely designs.

As you can see there are bigger and smaller sizes. The bigger ones are great for hairaccesoires or a big statement ring, the smaller ones are super cute and make a cute ring or if you make a hole in them (as suggested on the Sophie & Toffee website) could be a lovely pair of earrings.

Big Chrysanthemum Flower in pink: click
Big Ruffled Flower in red: click
Rose Flower in black: click
Glitter Rose Flower in white: click
Small Rose & Hydrangeas Flowers in violet: click
Small Asiatic Lilies Flowers Bouquet in tiffany blue: click

They also have a small variety of findings in their shop, not many deco shops carry everything you need to deco. In this picture you see their 2 rings on the right, and one I already had on the left. As you can see their design look more elegant.
I like that they have one with a bigger pad and one with a smaller pad. To be honest I never saw a ring with that design or with a pad smaller than 10 mm in any shop round here.

Sliver Plated Fancy Adjustable Ring Pad ring with 10 mm pad (click) and 6 mm pad (click)

Like I said above, I turned 2 flower cabochons into jewellery. It's really easy, if you don't know how, here the link to my tutorial. One in a cute ring and another one in a hairpin (click)

Something new in their shop. I love glitter and I was very excited to find this in my package ^^ I'm going to try and use it when I use my resin for the first time! So that review also will have to wait :s

Ultra Fine Sliver Glitter Powder for Crafting (click)

There was also a package of dark red rhinestones (click) but I have used them in a recent deco project so you'll see them there ;)

Last but not least, the big Hello Kitty (click) I love it! I don't really have an idea yet what I can do with it but I will find one! It's quite heavy so not a good idea to attach it to your cellphone.
She's visiting my niece at the moment (she's a biiiig fan of Hello Kitty, haha) so no picture but you can see her at the picture from the beginning of this post.

Also because I'm an ambassador, Sophie & Toffee gave me a couponcode to share with my readers, to if you want 10% of your purchase, use the code "VALERIE10".