Deco! Headphones with small tutorial

A while ago I bought a microhpone and a pair of headphones, which meant, new items to deco! The microphones has to wait but the headphone is almost ready. One side done, the other one almost.
I had to do something with music so a simple design of a music note on one side and two little ones on the other side. The big one is finished.
All the supplies used are from Sophie & Toffee (use the VALERIE10 code to get 10% off ;) )

Before we start with the tutorial, a warning. If you want to deco an object which can break like headphones, mouses, mp3's,... make sure you can REMOVE THE DECO!! If it breaks and you want it fixed, your warranty doesn't count anymore! There are different ways to make the deco removable like decoing a case for your mobile phone or use the following plastic.

Firstly, take a piece of clear sticky book wrapping plastic thing (the kind you use to wrap books to protect them but you're still able to see their cover, don't know the English word for this ^^')
Measure your space and trace out on the sticky paper.
Draw your design with a marker.
Get your glue, rhinestones and toothpicks and start applying the rhinestones.
When it's dry, apply a clear coat. (not necessary but I like to do this )
Take the back layer from the paper and apply it onto the surface.

I really like the result ^^ What do you think?