Day Zero Project: Update

It's been a while since my Day Zero Project list has been updated.
These are the things I accomplished since the last update:

9. Go to the dentist
Done. I don't like it, don't hate it either but still ...

12. Re-organize my craft supplies:
I bought some containers to organize everything, I have labelled some of the boxes, not everything yet but I'm getting there so yay ^^

17. Make items to sell on 'Riechan'
As you could see in a previous post, I have done that!

36. Learn to drink tea: done!
I can now drink tea! well, with sugar or honey. 

48. Buy a CD of one of my favourite artists
Bought one from Lady Linn, a Belgian artist, if you like swing or jazz, you should check her out! link

75. Hold an Arashi Marathon
Did one with a fellow arashi loving friend ^^ 

87. Go to a concert
Went to Jazz Middelheim, saw Lady Linn, Allen Toussaint & Marc Ribbo Duo and Jamie Culum (which was ... totally AWESOME!!)

96. Join another musical camp
Peter Pan! This was another very fun camp! Hopefully I can join again next year! 

97. Give my mother a present just because.
I bought her a nose to put her glasses on... lol... something like this.