First lolita skirt!

I listed this on the sew_loli forum so I'm going to cheat a little and copy my text from there ;)
Project Title: Red Rose Skirt
Project Start Date: 27th of March
Planned Finish Date: as soon as possible
Actual Finish Date: 8th of April
Did you make changes from original plan? Yes, I decided not to use lace, just a row of ruffles.
Did you discover something you want to share? I made lots of mistakes 'cause this was the first time adding ruffles to a skirt, inserting an  zipper, let alone an invisible one etc. Now I know that I don't need to ruffle the whole thing 'cause it gives a problem inserting the zipper, be sure to check if both sides are equal in length. Had a problem with that ^^' And zippers aren't as difficult as I thought they would be.
How happy are you with the result? 85, it's a bit to big on the waistline but I think I can do something about it.
There's 3 m of fabric in this skirt ... next time I'm going to use a bit less, lol :D
And you know what, this gorgeous fabric costed me only 5€ for 2m !! score! ^^

Close-up of the ruffles

Worn with a medium petticoat