Fabric haul ~ Model~Day zero project

Like I said I went to the 'Stoffenspektakel' on Wednesday and found some really cute fabrics but I only bought two ^^', I do have some other fabric in my stash so that needs to be finished first :)
The black one is cotton, the pink one (very hot pink) is stretchy.
Than I also found some stretchy lace, black ribbon and zippers.

Remember the model I was talking about? This is it.
We made it with 6 people in around 12 hours.

 See the ruler on the left? that's half of a 25 cm one, so you can see the scale.

 All the facades are printed, cut out, pasted on cardboard and cut out again, leaving some sort of 3D effect ^^

And some more things that need to be striped through from my Day Zero Project List
13. Go to the dermatologist ~ went today
32. Don’t drink soda for a month ~ done in March
37. Don't drink chocolate milk for a whole week ~ done somewhere in February
80. Make myself a skirt ~ done today! Pics will follow!
84. See a musical (Oliver) ~ done in February
94. Go to Made in Asia ~ done see a previous post
99. Donate money to charity ~ done, money for Japan

And here's the smoothie I made yesterday, (well actually it's juice 'cause there's no yoghurt in there, but don't tell anyone ;) )

Tomorrow our singing class has an Easter concert, our public will be eating while we are singing. Oooh so excited! I'm going to sing Total Eclips of the heart, a song by Bonnie Tyler.
Think I'm going to relax now 'cause I'm very tired from our rehearsal this evening.