Featured at All about deco: Gentlemanbunny

This is a feature post at All about deco, my other blog. I know there are some people who like deco and such on here too so here's a quick preview and a link to the post ^^ .

First up in a series of feature posts: GentlemanBunny,
I have been a fan of hers for more than 1 year. She makes amazing little cute things,
one of her specialties is making little people from different movies and groups.
But I'll let her do the explanation.

1. Who are you and what do you do (decowise)?
My name is Päivi (or Shiri, or Gentlemanbunny as known in the internet world). I create tiny deco items using polymer clay. I usually sculpt miniature foods like cute cupcakes, cakes, sushi and make those into charms and jewelry (earrings, pendants, rings). But the sculptures are so tiny that they can also be used to decorate your phone or camera, for example.

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