Little craft haul

A few days ago we had to get my mum from the hospital, but we had to wait for 1 hour so
we went into town and I came across a craft store which had 40% of on almost everything.
This is what I bought:

A package of bells (I love anything that makes tiny noises)
Something to snooze (?) my pencil drawings.
6 Styrofoam balls to act as trees in my projects for school
2 strings of embroidery thread. (I don't do this but I'd love to learn to embroider)

1 pot of fabric paint: spring green
2 packages of barrettes to deco ^^^
another string of embroidery thread
1 package of white aquarel paint
1 package of jewelery findings (things to hold thread together)
2 packages of polymer clay.

That's it ;)
If I had more money, I had bought a lot more, teehee ...
I love looking through craft shops, I could spend hours ...