30 Days of Outfits November Challenge: day 1

I recently discovered Chic Steals, a blog about fashion and crafts. She takes a look at a haute couture item or something expensive and makes a cheaper version hence the name Chic Steals. I love it! If you are into DIY, you have to check it out yourself!
Now, she recently started a Challenge, but I'll let her do the explaining:
"For 30 days for the month of November, I'm challenging myself to wear a completely-different, heretofore forgotten outfit each day, never wearing the same thing twice.  (How will this help? you may ask.  Well, it will remind me how much I love certain pieces that I've forgotten about.  And stimulate my creativity.  And help me clean out and purge that ol' closet of mine."
From now until November 30, I'll be challenging myself to put together a unique outfit each day - and wear it all darn day, even if I'm just sitting on the living room couch, blogging and watchingLaw & Order: SVU reruns.  And each of my outfits will contain something I've made or DIY'ed!  This is a perfect chance for me to share with all of you some tutorials and ideas I haven't gotten around to yet. 
She asked if anyone wanted to take up this challenge with her. And I want to!
I  have the same problem, clothing that is lying in my closet, waiting to be worn on a special occasion, but if I wait like that, they won't be worn very often ... so :)
Most things DIY or handmade in my outfits will me my jewelery or hair accessories. I will be using all things handmade I have, so not only made by me.
Don't know how long I'll last but I'll try to keep up!

Here's my first outfit:
I need a place to take full outfit shots... You can see a part of my boots.

Cardigan: haven't worn this in 1 year or something ..., bought in JBC, brand: Liberty Island
Skirt: orginally from my mum, I thought it was perfect as a dress in this outfit; brand Liberty Island
Tshirt: unknown
Stockings: unknown
Earrings: Veritas
Ring: my first ever bought ring (one with music notes)
Necklace: handmade (not by me)
Belt: Veritas
Boots: Think! (I love that brand ^^)