How to organize!

I'm starting a new series! yay ^^
Cause I'm always looking for cute and cheap ways to store my jewelery and other accessories, 
I thought I'd share them with you. This series will be a wrap-up with everything I come across the internet on how to organize different things.
I'll try to include some for every one, cheap, diy, elegant, fun, ... 
This won't have a specific day on when you can expect a post like my Photograph Fridays but I'll post one of these every 2 weeks.
I'm also calling out to you! My readers, yes you, I know you're there!
If you have made/found/stumbled upon a tutorial about organizing things and you would like me to feature it too, you can always mail me (see side-bar) or leave a comments (be sure to drop out the "http://" part or else my commentssystem thinks it's spam)
Hope you enjoy this series!