The Lion King in Japanese ^^

Hakuna Matata in Japanese. Love the costumes they used!


  1. Hey Riechan, i'm so sorry i've been away! I'm having some issues with friends, and it's all very annoying and upsetting but i'm back now :).

    Congratulations on joining a musical internship! It sounds very fun, I personally scare everyone I try to sing to haha so I can't imagine being in a musical internship, but it sounds fun!

    Those rice paddies are also incredible! My favourite is the Doraemon one, I would love to see a smiling Doraemon in a rice field! And thank you so much for posting my presents, i'm so sorry I didn't comment earlier but I was busy, but thank you very much! The tart was a complete coincidence, I actually had the tart kit in Violet's presents as well before I saw on her blog that she already had one, so I had to switch them around quickly! It was a very big coincidence! I'm glad you like my magnet, it was inspired by a real dessert I had in Japan :).

    Anyway I hope you have fun on your internship! I'm trying very hard to finish my Japan posts but I don't really want to... I feel like a kid trying to finish their homework :(.


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