8/50 Easy DIY Jewelry organizer Tutorial

I have been meaning to make one of these for about 2 years ... and now I finally set myself to it and made it! yay ^^ Number 8 of the 50 projects in 2010 list

Items you need are:
  • wood
  • long nails (8 cm)
  • a hammer
  • things to hang your jewelry hanger on the wall (those triangle hooks)
  • a pencil, a ruler
  • To decorate your wood: paint and paintbrush. I recommend acrylic paint. or paper and glue.
  • To decorate your nails: ribbon, glue, stickers, stones, ...

I made two of them, one for me and one for my mum. I painted mine with red - black paint. Didn't turn out like I would have wanted but it doesn't seem so bad hanging on the wall. My mum her's is decoupaged, if you don't know how, I made a little tutorial some while ago, check it out.
After the paint dried, set out the point where you want to hammer in your nails. I made sure I stayed about 5 cm of the side.
A close-up of the nails and the paper.

Than get all your decogear out of your box/cabinet/whatever :D and start decoing. 
You can put some ribbon around the nails, just put glue on your ribbon and wrap it around the nail's neck?
I also added gems and roses on the nailtops.
Add you hanger on the back.

And you done!
This is my result

This is the way you should nail your hooks into the wall... it took me 2 nails to figure this out *teehee*
You can see this in one of the picture above where you can see the two jewelry hanger...

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!


  1. That is great that you are trying all those projects and showing poeple. They look very nice with all the jewery on them. :-)

  2. @Sakie and Thomas: thanks ^^ maybe something for Sakie to store all the beautiful jewelry she makes ^^.
    (where's the other comment? I made this post and it worked fine with intensedebate ... oh shoot!)


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