I'm away!

Hi, by now I'm sitting in the car with my mum driving to a place in Antwerp, Belgium.
I'm away from today 'till the 28th of August 'cause I'm joining a musical intern-ship ^^
We get lessons in singing, dancing and acting! And it ends with the musical on Saturday evening.
A girl who's graduating has made this into her graduation project. 
She has translated a musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber, called Whistle Down the Wind.
I had never heard of it before but it seems interesting. We're playing farmers from the 1950's.
Haha X3 Because I have to get my own costume together, we (my mum and I) dived into my grandmother's clothing (may she rest in peace). Most of her clothing is a bit to big for me but that's fine. 
Expect lot's of pics when I get back ^~
Oh and as some sort of tribute to musical, you'll get another musical song (almost) every day 'till I'm back ^^
Hope you'll like it!