Photograph Friday

I got a few minutes to spare today so that's why I made a post ^^
Got my first exam today, it went well! I had so much fear for this one 'cause it was the lessons about it were very difficult and everyone was just sitting there with their mouths open like: 'we don't get a thing!' (in the lessons, not the exam) students from other years said this teacher gave them always very hard exams, but I think this one wasn't so bad... unless, last exam about this matter (in January) I had the same feeling and I got an 12/20 ... (it was still better than last year though...) I'm just no good in stability.
Did you see something change? There's a new thing on blogger which gives you more possibilities to design your blog. I always liked 2 sidebars but I don't have enough html knowledge to make it myself. I'm very happy with the new feature ^^ You like it? I need to make myself a header too... If there are things not working or seem weird, let me know in the comments below ^^
But anyway, here's what you've been waiting for, right? a Photograph Friday post :)
I saw that I posted the same picture twice... sorry... so to make up for that mistake I'll post 2 photographs! yay ^^
Two sky pictures 'cause I love clouds and am surprised every time I see them making something wonderful to look at.


  1. Hey, nice to hear from you again!
    Argh, exams are sometimes so difficult! But I'm sure you'll manage!

    Cool new layout! I don't have enough experience with html, too, so I let my brother do all the edtiting stuff, hahaha!


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