I'm back!

Alive and Kicking! sorry for the absence the previous days, been taking a little time for me ^^. More about that later! So school is over!!! whiej! No more exams! Finally :) Friday we get to know our points and if I need to come back in the end of August for some/a re-exams (what's the right word for this one? I used a translator and it said re-examination...)
So after my last exam on Friday, it was an oral one (I was the last one so the last on from our year that had vacation phi) I cleared and cleand my dorm I went home, finally!! after 3 weeks staying non-stop at my dorm. On Saturday my plan was to go shop the new thriftstore in town but that didn't happen. In stead I installed a -cabinet my mum bought some time ago. Now I need to go cdshopping :) the ones you see in there are my brothers. On Saturday evening my uncle threw a BBQ, I love bbq not so much for the meat (i like chicken, fish and bacon, no sausages yuck) but for all the veggies and the cold pasta ^^.
As for Sunday, my brother had a tennis-match but I decided to stay home and try out the silicone I bought a while ago! I installed myself in the backyard with an umbrella and a hat, it's 30°C outside, we're having a heatwave here in Belgium. How's the weather with you? I did deco (any proper past tense of deco? decoed? decoded?) on a heart shaped case I found at the fleemarket, on a plastic container and dominostones (I'm going to turn these into pendants) ^^.
Here they are:

You like them? I still need very much practice in the piping. Btw this is the amount that's in one silicone tube... thought there was more in there.

Today I had to get back to school to get feedback about my paper (the one about Frank Lloyd Wright and shintoism) They said it was really well done, professional and as an adult (which I technically am...).So I am happy ^^. Thought they wouldn't like it so much, luckily they did. After I headed to town for shopping! I had to wait 'till my dad came back from a meeting to pick me up. I got 2 cardigan (those half-ones), 1 was free ^^.
I'll show you tomorrow + some pics of my new summerbag ^^.
Oh and I also did my nails this weekend. I have internship next week so I have to say goodbye to my long nails T_T. Base coat is a white one (which I really don't like, so many coats needed for a clean coat) and red used for the essence stamp.

This evening I'm going to the graduation from my brother who's heading to college next year.
He's going to play a pianopiece ^^ Looking forward to it.
How's your vacation starting?

P.S. I think I have fixed the commenting problem, if there are still some problems let me know.