First try at clayfood!

Last week we had to finish a big project so I thought I deserved some crafting time on Saturday.
I decided to go ahead and make some clay foods that I can use in deco-ing. I used this air drying clay which I found at "Kruidvat" (a little convenience store, not a craft store) for only 1.95€. (which was the main reason I bought it)
I can tell you that if you're a cheapo like me and want to try out making clay things, this clay is alright. But if you want to make more things (read nicer looking things) I'd recommend buying another kind of clay. DAS isn't so handy to work with. It cracks when it dries and it's hard to attach parts of clay to each other.

Here are the things I made, hope you can spot strawberries, icecream, macaroons, chocolate, a waffle, cookies, cupcake bottoms, the 2 things at the back are my throw at a apple core and an apple.

The ones on the left are painted (with acrylic paint), the ones on the right are clay mixed with acrylic paint. You have to use a lot of paint when you're mixing the clay with it, another point why I didn't like this clay so much)

Remember, this is my first try at making clay food thingies.
I can't wait to use them to decorate some things! Yay!
Though I have to wait 'till the 3rd of April 'cauuuuuuuuuuusee we're goooooiiiiiinnnngggg
We (my grade, is that called a grade in college too?) are going to travel to/through Switzerland and Italy from this Saturday (27th of March) 'till the 3rd of April.
I am sooo looking forward to it! On the other hand, I'm totally bummed that we are going to leave at 6.00 am (which is EARLY!) but that means I am going to miss my singing lesson at 13:00. *sigh* Have to make up for it on the trip! ^^


  1. Hey I tried that brand of clay years ago. Awful stuff! You should try salt dough, nothing cheaper than that! But it does not crack or anything, very nice stuff.
    But for a material so terrible, your pieces look great!

  2. Here we don't call them grades but years. There are four: freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior :D

    I think it all turned out really well! I'm awful with sculpting, I love doing it, but I am just not good :P
    Have fun on your trip! Take lots of pictures :D

  3. Hi Riechan! You've given me a great idea! I completely forgot that you can paint over things like this with acrylic paint haha. I bought some clay but the colour is an ugly grey colour and I didn't know what to do with it so it's just been sitting there. I do love your ice cream, i'm so bad with ice cream :).

    Ah have fun on your trip! I love trips... i'll be making an announcement on my blog about a trip i'm going in June hehe...

  4. @MariaIsabel: thanks for the tip! Now onto find a recipe :P.

    @PickledPandas: aah years, well we call them years too but I thought in english is was different, I guess not :).

    @Hikaria: glad I could help ^^ Are you maybe going to Japan? Take me with you!! :D


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