Architecture trip to Italy: Second day

Today we're heading to Bellinzona with a few stops along the way.
8u00     breakfest
9u00     taking a look around the city Chur
            visit a archeological site by the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor
            visit a home for the elderly by ouderen Peter Zumthor
            visit the cemetery Furstenwald by the landscape architect Vogt
11u30   Chur-Paspels    22km    12u00 visit of the school Paspels by Valerio Olgiati
12u30   Paspels-Thusis 12km    13u00 pick-nick in the special Viamala raststätte
14u00   Thusis-Bellinzona-Ascona-Brissago       122km
            16u00 visit of the chapel Porta (Cavadini)
17u00   Brissago-Monte carasso           28km
            17u30 visit of Convento by Snozzi
18u00   Bellinzona
            Visit of Castelgrande by Galfetti
            Visit of  Swisscom Business-centre by Mario Botta
night and diner in Bellinzona