Sophie & Toffee Review

Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by Sophie & Toffee, but I will give my honest opinion on these products.

Shop: Sophie & Toffee
Location: Singapore

The package arrived here quite fast, in 6 working days.
Everything was very tightly wrapped with bubble wrap and came in different little packages.


Now onto the items, I forgot to add a coin in my close-up pictures so here's an overview:

Some of the items aren't here anymore 'cause I took a evening of from schoolwork yesterday and did some deco ^^ Post is coming this weekend.
 Now onto the close-ups. 
I actually never heard of Anna sui ... after a quick trip to wiki, I found out she is a famous American fashion designer. I really like the rose on the emblem though ^^ This item also has glitter! The butterflies you see here are also very glittery, especially the black. And glitter = win! ^^

I think these flowers are really adorable, they are very glittery and I think one of these would be very lovely as a big ring.

 Another type of flowers, while the above ones are plastic and aren't movable, the petals of these white and black flowers are movable. The petals are each attached with fish thread (I call it this way, don't know the real name, it's clear plastic thread used in jewelery making)

Next are another type of flowers, which are made from clay. A flower with different coloured petals, butterflies with golden edges and 2 poodles and a purse. I'm not such a fan of poodles

And here are the backs of the 3 types of flowers, you can see the glittery flowers has a very wide back, the black one has the petals attached and the clay ones has a smaller back.

I love these fruit pieces! Although the only downside is that the apple slice and apple halve aren't in the same colour. But I don't know it that's for all the pieces or that it differs.

And last but not least, a bag charm which I added to my mobile. At first I thought it was clay but it turns out to be plastic/silicone, which I think is a good thing because my mobile get kicked around in my bag and coat and such and when the charm is clay and has little parts sticking out it's sooo likely going to break off :( But with this one, the little pocky sticks are bendable so won't break ^^ The glass to hold the icecream is plastic.
Reading from the site, these usually get sold in surprise packs but they let you pick the design you want ^^
And it also says it comes with an edible chewing gum, ..., I have yet to find that XD
Conclusion: I think they have really nice products, in very different sizes and styles which is great to deco. Hope this review was useful to you!
And!! Sophie & Toffee  gave me a code for my readers, so if you like to order from them, fill in VALERIE10 and you'll get 10% of your purchase.

(The products shown in the pictures are linked for easy access under each picture, items not linked are not available yet on the website but will be linked after they are available )
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