30 Day Challenge in May

This is the list of the challenge, I found through a friend. Feel free to join in ;)

30 day challenge
(01) my favourite song
(02) my favourite movie
(03) my favourite show
(04) my favourite book
(05) my favourite quote
(06) my favourite food
(07) my favourite beverage
(08) a photo i took
(09) a photo of me
(10) what i wore today
(11) what i did today
(12) what i ate today
(13) what is in my bag
(14) a bad habit
(15) a pet peeve
(16) a memory
(17) a goal
(18) a secret
(19) a wish
(20) a hobby
(21) a recipe
(22) a blog
(23) a piece of art
(24) a blog crush
(25) a tumblr favourite
(26) a dream i had recently
(27) a quote from a chat i had recently
(28) something that made me laugh recently
(29) something that gives me wanderlust
(30) an anonymous shoutout

So first up,
my favourite song at the moment is a Belgian song - Labiel (Labile) by Jele Cleymans