Easy DIY Earring organizer from a pictureframe!

Remember my earringholder tutorial made with a old record? if not, here's the link
I wanted one that was smaller and still pretty so I could use it in my dorm.
All you need is:
- a frame, this was mine
  You can find these for cheap in thriftstores, wholesale store or others.

- a panty; choose a colour that fits your frame. Don't use a new one, perhaps ones that don't fit anymore, have a hole in them, ... If you (or your mum) don't use these, take a look at thriftstores.
- fabric, napkin, drawing, ...; for this project I used a pretty (non-used) napkin
- scissors
- pencil
- elastic

How to?
1. Open your frame, take out the glass and place it onto your napkin. Trace it and cut it out.
   That will be your background for your frame.
2. Put your piece of napkin back in the frame (without reinserting the glass) and close it.
3. Take your panty and slip one leg over the frame, bringing the opening to the back. (it'll get clear in the next step and picture)
4. Snip off the rest of the panty and put on the elastic, so the back will look like this

5. Now add your earrings and enjoy the result :)
This was mine, showing my new pairs of earrings (both for 2€ ^^)

I also used a box which held new Christmas cards, 

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial :)
If you try it out, let me see!