Day Zero Project ~ update

First up, my very first lolitaskirt (lolita is a Japanese fashion which goes back to the Rococo period, dressing modestyl in frills and have good manners)
I bought the skirt a while ago and it arrived last week ^^ I love it!
The pattern on the fabric is just gorgeous and the lace too.
It's a skirt from Bodyline, a Japanese brand for cheap lolita-clothing.

Secondly, I joined a Start-to-run project and it'll start next week. I hope I can keep up with it!
On Friday I'm going to see the musical Oliver!!!!! Whooooooooot!!!!! It'll be my very first real life musical ^^
For my spoilement in January I bought myself two pairs of earrings, each for 2€, as seen in my earring organizer.
and for the one in February, another lolitaskirt, which was 8$. Hope it arrives soon!
I also tried to make a smoothie, tried that is ... I looked gross, but it tasted, well, not too bad... Need to find a better recipe and more fruit :D
That'll be it for today. I'm going back to my books!