What's in my purse?

I have seen some of these posts on youtube and blogs so I thought about doing one myself.
This is my new (yup, bought another one) bug summer bag. I really wanted a bigger one 'cause I tend to carry around a lot of stuff ^^ Have to make a purse insert too to keep it all organized 'cause big bags = lot's stuff = long time looking = big mass
My new kitty purse ^^ The first purse I saw, was a pink one with blue/brown flowers (one of my fav colour combo's!) but when I saw this one, with the Japanese feeling it had, I knew I had to get this one :D

a close-up of the print

The inside

Onto the items inside!
First up, the zipper pouche on the left holds my feminine stuff while the other one holds my deorollor, lipbalm, Japanese pepermint drops (works great with headaches), a mirror and gum. 
These pouches I got through a swap on craftster ^^ Love them!

Next are some tissues, my fan which I bought for almost no money (50 cents *lucky*), a leopard notebook for making lists and a little notebook (which I got from Than Thao ^^) for little scribbles.

I made these pictures a few weeks back, and at that time it was sunny and warm in Belgium, 
so I carried my sunglasses and a bottle of water around with me.

I love drawing, though I don't do it often anymore, so when I have some time while waiting on my bus or just in between things I can draw :) 

In the next picture is my little-aid box with medicine, band-aids and such in case of emergency and my mp3player, I made her cozy myself with this tutorial.

My wallet, big enough to hold my carts and stuff and my mobile ^^

And last but not least, one of my precious items, a business card holder given to me by my best friend from middle school ^^ It holds some cards from internet shops I've ordered from and my cards for the bus.

Hope you enjoyed this post ^^
Have a niceWednesday