TTAMT Swap: sent and received

This week I got my package from the Two Tiny Anime and Manga Things in my mailbox ^^
And since my partner received too, I can show you guys what I made and got!
First up, I received from tavernkitty, 2 hairclips inspired by Nodame Cantabile

and for my next item, I got a doorhanger. So clever actually, when I'm out, people can leave messages in the little bag but I'm too scared to hang it outside my door in case a drunken student thinks it's funny to steal it ...

Look at those amazing details!! I wish I could embroider ... 

Thankyou so much tavernkitty!
Onto my items, I worked with her 2 favourite colours, green and red.
My first thought was a mangapaperbeadbracelet. I made paperbeads, printed out little pages from different manga and stuck them on the beads, painted them green, drilled holes and attached them. It took forever for the paper beads to dry but it was really fun to do ^^.

Next is a headband featuring Tomoe, one of her fav characters, he's from the manga Kamisama Hajimemashita. I made it using this tutorial but instead of a headband, I attached an elastic. 

This was a fun swap! I'm in for round 2!