Give-away: Sophie & Toffee

Aaah yes another give-away and yet again not by me...
This time you can win a lovely decorated jar, made by Sophie&Toffee, a shop which makes and sells all kinds of deco items, perfect for the girls who love everything cute! 

and if you weren't lucky enough to win the jar, you maybe get...

Be quick! It ends April 30th

I bought some things at their shop so expect a review about the goods I bought at Sophie & Toffee when I get them!


  1. Ok im no little girl bu those are amazingly cute!

  2. who said anything about a little girl... ? ;)

  3. Hello Rie!

    Thanks for following and entering the giveaway! I wish you good luck! And I will be following you from now on!

    Many greetings!

  4. Oh man those prizes are beyond cute! Thanks for sharing the info!

    And thank you for the comment on my blog, well I'm going for 30 days so it's ok to bring that much right? haha!

  5. @Thanh Tao: thankyou for following me ^^

    @saramari: wow 30 days! wish I could come with you!


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