DIY - Friday: Striped bangles

Have you seen those nail + jewellery type tutorials around lately as well?
I did and when I was looking through my sad bangle stash it hit me! They need some spice and what could be better (and easier) than applying some nail polish!

What you need:
x Nail polish in your favourite colours
x Clear top coat nail polish
x Bangles
x Pliers (or chopsticks if you're handy with them)
x Paper tape (not necessary)
x A piece of paper or cardboard as protection for your table

What you do:
First decide if you want to make your stripes even or want it just a little more artistic ~.
If you want more even stripes you can use the paper tape to tape of the areas which you don't want to paint.
But I don't like it that polished (see what I did there!) so just dived in!
Open your polishes.
With your pliers, grab your bracelet.
Now start painting stripes on the bangle.

Let it dry. Finish it off with a coat of clear polish.
When looking at this picture I noticed I made a gryffindor bracelet! Ha!

And now wear it with pride! ^^