DIY Friday: Shorts makeover with brocade selfmade stencil

 What you need:
To make the stencil:
- paper
- pencil / sharpie, ...
- paper tape
- Plastic paper
- paper cutter / knife
- a stencil image you want to use. No idea? Pinterest is your friend or google, google too!
To use the stencil: 
- Spray glue / adhesive
- fabric paint
- sponge
- piece of cardboard

How to do it:
Tape the plastic to the stencil
Trace the stencil onto the plastic with a sharpie or pencil
Start cutting the plastic
After the stencil is fully cut out of the plastic, insert the cardboard into your item and lay the stencil upon your Tshirt or shorts or something to find the good spot. Once you've decided where you want to put it, apply a coat of spray glue and put it back.

Take your sponge with fabric paint and carefully dip it onto the stencil. Do NOT make strokes. By stroking it is easier for the paint to sip through under the stencil and smodge.
Let the paint dry for a bit. Not to long or your stencil will stay stuck onto your item.
Take of the stencil and admire your nice piece of art!
Repeat the steps until satisfied!

My result!

I know Autumn and Winter are coming so this probably won't be used on shorts but be creative! Attack a plain sweater or shirt or perhaps even your wall with stencils! And don't forget to show me the result!