ELF Review

Disclaimer: These products are bought with my own money. As always I will give my honest critics and opinion.
Quite a while ago I bought some things from ELF, Eyes Lips Face. I'm a make-up newb so I bought some essentials.
The loot:

I'll review them one by one :) The links provided are to the Dutch page if you don't mind ^^'. The english site isn't working for me right now.

It's a beautiful brush ^^ And soooooo soft!! I tried it to apply the blush I bought and it went on smoothly.
[edit]: After using it for a few months, it does shed some hairs but not to say you don't want to buy it because of that.

I don't really see a difference when using this... but perhaps I'm not doing this right. And for 1€, you can't complain ^^
[edit]: I have used it quite some times now and it does give you just that little extra in the eye area. My eyes can't coop with eyeliner (they get all watery and red) so this is helpfull to get some pop :)
3. Fake lashes: Natural  : haven't tried these yet, but I'll update if I have pictures :)

4. 3-in-1 colourstick, Pink Lemonade:
First thing I noticed when opening is it smelled like oranges. I don't mind this but some people might, so beware. It's a good thing I looked up a lot of swatches before ordering anything 'cause I ended up with the colour I liked :) 
[edit]: I mostly use this for my lips. It feels a little to greasy to put on my cheeks.
I had sooo much trouble opening the box. For people who bought it and want to skip the research for opening the box,... it slides.
It's too light for my skin. I have really light skin so after reading the reviews I went for the lightest. Which turned out, not the right choice because you can't see it on my face ... way to go me.

I finally have it!!! yay!! It dries really fast and gives a lovely matte finish. I also applied it to my nails without any coat under it and it held up for 5 days. It's great!
[edit]: if you apply this on a nailpolish coat that's nearly dry you get a cool crackling effect :D
This one was for my mum, she likes the colour. I ordered Burgundy but it wasn't available anymore :(

. Transparent Mascara:
It comes with both a eyelash and an eyebrow brush. I bought this only for the eyelash one but I'm also going to use the eyebrow one. The brush itself is very stiff and reminds me of something you use to clean radiatorpipes but than smaller ^^' It does make a difference when applied, my eyes look brighter and I look more awake. The reason I bought this is because, I wipe a lot in my eyes, so when I'd use regular coloured mascara, it would give me a panda eye and me don't want that!
It feels a little sticky in the beginning but that will go away.

9. Zip:
It does help a bit but I can't use this anymore as I have a sensitive skin and this product is to heavy for me. 

10. Eyebrow packet
Also for my mum. She says she likes it, it's easy to apply and it's suttle and that's what she liked :)