Music Note Ensemble

I have been sewing again lately ^^ Mostly making lolita type clothing
Here's my entry to sew-loli, the community on livejournal for lolita who sew their own clothes ^^

Project Completion
Project Title:
Music Note Ensemble, a pleated skirt, a reversible corset and a headbow and a piano
Project Start Date: The skirt in October, the headbow in december and the corset in January
Planned Finish Date: Before the end of January
Actual Finish Date: 28th January
Did you make changes from original plan?: For the skirt, yes, I first wanted to do a high-waisted skirt, but after getting advice on here, I decided against it and chose a thin waistband. The corset and headbow just went along :)
Did you discover something you want to share?: Read the explanation for the eyelit kit THREE TIMES! before you start puncing holes! I read it once; "this is easy", read it again "wait, that was wrong, it should go like this", punched, broke 2 eyelits, read for the third time; oooh it should go like the first time ... yeah >.>
How happy are you with the result?: Happy, but the corset could be better.
Onto the pictures
The three pieces

The headbow

The corset's music side, 'note to self, replace shiny ribbon with a prettier one!'

and the other side, with flash.

The skirt

And the pleats

And a little coord :)

I hope you like it ^^