Wee House

I have fallen in love with Wee houses while stumbling on craftster.
Here's the post with the craft along
Wee houses are just like it says, little houses which you decorate to your liking.
Here are some examples

And to top it of ... (though this is acutally a gingerbread house but you can do it too with card board or foam board)
The Burrows (The Weasleys house!)

Most of these houses aren't build by scratch but are made by Small house craft kits like this one

Because I couldn't find one in our toystores (we don't really have a craft store here), I'm making it from scratch using this template and left over card board from my maquettes making.
Here are some of the pieces painted. The main roof isn't painted yet because I don't really know what I want for it.

I'm going for a gothic mansion where an elegant lady lives who likes painting, reading, piano playing and witch craft :D For the colour combination I've chosen black-silver-red :)
Now how to make a little piano!