Review: Vampire Requiem DOL replica, Fox Cherry, ...

This review had been written quite a while ago but I never shared it ^^'. When I was browsing my posts I found it again and decided to share it anyways :)

I finally gave in and decided to order through Taobao.
After comparing taobao agents fee's, particularly Dolly Poodle and Loli Loli Paradise, I went for loli loli Paradise. They turned out to be cheaper for these 4 items. If you ordering more, Dolly Poodle would be cheaper.

About Loli Loli Paradise:
3rd Oct : started asking questions
7th Oct : Ordered the VRjsk and the headdress & Payed
                     (30 days to prepare, 15days for delivery)
15th Oct : ordered two pairs of gloves
In the meantime, I didn't receive an invoice for the gloves so I messaged her again
26th Oct: requested a new invoice for the gloves and paid
14th Nov: Asked her if she had already shipped and she did two days before. Gave me tracking number
17th Nov: Dress and headdress arrived
29th Nov: Gloves arrived (apparently these were examined by our customs, that's what caused the delay)

Communication: 4/5
The communication went very well. They answered my crazy amount of  questions very quick and they were quite helpfull. I wished she had let me know when she shipped out the items though, without me asking after it. But overall, communication was very good!

Shipping: 5/5
She first shipped the dress and the headdress, and than the two pairs of gloves.
The dress arrived quite some time before the gloves. Can you believe customs ... they let through the dress but had to check what was in the package with the gloves, which was twice as small. No complaining from me though!
About the packages, both were packed in a brown paper envelope with bubblewrap inside.
There was even a small present inside the glove packages which were rub on tattoos!

Overall I rate Loli-loli paradise a 4.5/5.

Onto the items now!
Together with the Vampire Requiem, I ordered this gorgeous headdress.

Headdress made by Fox Cherry, link to loli, link to taobaoshop
Rating 5/5

It's really gorgeous, no glue stains/threads anywhere (which you often see in this kind of headdresses)
The lace in the back is a really soft cotton one. The ribbon is velour and the flowers are fabric.

Vampire Requiem replica by DOL, link to loli, link to taobao
Rating: 3.5/5
Dream of Lolita picture
My picture

As you can see, there's a big difference in the shape. On DOLs picture you can see it going inward from the top to the the ribbon under the bust. However, on my dress, is doesn't go inward, it gets wider to the ribbon under bust. You can however change this with the corset lacing in the back.

Here's the top of the dress, the height of the fabric above the ribbon (especially under the armpits) is smaller than on their picture.
The straps are a bit to wide for my liking but that's okay.

The zipper works quite well and I'm very happy about this ^^
The print looks gorgeous! Very well done.

The fabric is also on the heavy side, which being told by a friend resembles the one from the Real VR from Alice & the Pirates.
The print on the side-seam almost matches!

Overall, I'm happy with the dress, because of the print, the fabric used but the fit is a bit off. I does look great with a vest over it to give it some shape.

Next up, two pairs of gloves from YOMA
I ran into this shop while browsing taobao and only could find 1 review on this shop on egl.
Hope this helps for other people who would like to purchase from YOMA.

Here are links to other reviews I found when researching the dress before I bought it:
Review 1
Review 2: comparing DOL with Aatp's VR

Purple pair with purple bow, link
Rating: 5/5
These are a gorgeous pair of gloves!! Warm but if you're in a country where it snows all the time, I wouldn't recommend these. They were great for our Belgium winter this year though (min. -2°C)
And! They fit like a glove! (you didn't see that one coming, now did you?!) I have small - medium hands and they fit perfect.  The little purple bow is super cute but too bad you can't see it because of the long sleeves.

Black velvet pair, link
Rating 5/5
I opened these and squeeled. Such a gorgeous pair of gloves!!! They feel very elegant
and are great of a finishing touch on an gothic outfit.
For the readers from Belgium/The Netherlands, my brother said they were "Zwarte Piet" gloves. And indeed, they seem like that too XD only these are finished of with lace!

I'm very happy with the gloves. The dress is a bit of a downer but when I can wear it with a vest it's decent!