Drama Review: Kimi wa Petto

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Kimi Wa Petto
You are my pet.


Sumire Iwaya - Koyuki
Takeshi Gouda, aka "Momo" - Jun Matsumoto
Shigehito Hasumi - Seiichi Tanabe
Shiori Fukushima - Wakana Sakai
Yuri Shirotae - Sarina Suzuki
Satoshi Asano - Kyozo Nagatsuka
Rumi Shibusawa - Satomi Ishihara
Junpei Horibei - Eita
Mayumi Haruki - Misa Uehara
Yuuta Ishida - Sato Riyuuta

Romance - Drama - Pet 

The story concerns Sumire Iwaya, a journalist at a major newspaper. A career woman in a society that does not handle successful women well, Sumire suffers from depression and anxiety. She also has hobbies that are very un-feminine, such as being a fan of pro wrestling, K-1, and shounen animes.

After her fiancé leaves her for his mistress and Sumire is demoted at work, she stumbles across a young injured homeless man in a box outside her home. She takes him in and becomes attached to him. As a joke, she says she wants to keep him as a pet. To her surprise, the young man agrees. She names him Momo (モモ, after her beloved dog from childhood.) Sumire provides room and board, and Momo provides unconditional love and loyalty. Sumire says there is no sex in their relationship, and she will only sleep with men who have the "three highs": higher pay, higher education and higher height (i.e. taller than her 170 cm.) Despite this, there is a definite sexual subtext to their relationship.

Sumire later learns that Momo's real name is Takeshi Gouda, and that he is a dance prodigy who studied classical ballet but was too short to take the lead roles. He switched to modern dance, and lived a semi-homeless life before meeting Sumire. Momo passes himself off as Sumire's second cousin.

Complications arise when Sumire is reunited with her old crush from Tokyo University, Shigehito Hasumi. Hasumi meets all of Sumire's requirements. However, Sumire cannot quite open up to Hasumi-senpai, or give up her attachment to Momo. For example, Sumire lets Momo call her by her personal name, while she struggles to let Hasumi call her "Iwaya" instead of "Iwaya-san."
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What do I think?

When I first read the plot of the drama, I didn't really know what to expect, a business women who keeps someone she found on the ground before her apartment as her pet sounds like you'll get an ecchi sex plot...
But 'cause Matsumoto Jun played in it, and I'm a big fan of him, I decided to give it a try. And I'm glad I did!
There's still some tension between them but it really starts as a pet and his owner and they grow to love each other for being there. The drama really grows on you!
It tells us that a woman (or man) first must allow herself to bring her true self out there before love can find her.
 I love the way you can see Momo and Sumire growing closer and closer together through out the drama.
Koyuki and Matsujun's acting both was great, which gave a lot of chemistry! You'll be waiting for the moment Sumire and Momo get together for the whole length of the drama! And Matsumoto Jun really seemed like a dog in the series, so adorable!
I knew Matsujun could dance, 'cause of Arashi but I was quite impressed with his dance skills, though I think they should have shown us more, oh well.
The intro music, Darling by V6, is very upbeat and happy, quite the feeling you get from momo too :)
So if you're thinking about passing this drama because it just sounds weird, please try it and you'll get hooked!
In one sentence
Woof! I wanna be your pet!

Riechan's values:
Music: 7/10
Acting: 9/10
Story: 9/10

Happy wappy: 7/10
Fight: 3/10
Blood and Gore: 0/10
Tears: 5/10


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