First dress and first time working with stretchy fabric!

Project Title: Hot pink 2 piece dress
Project Start Date: 25th of June
Planned Finish Date: none
Actual Finish Date: 27th of June
Did you make changes from original plan? Nope.
Did you discover something you want to share? Sewing hems with stretchy fabric is a pain when your sewing machine won't do the stitches it supposed to do and you don't have a needle specifically for stretch fabrics.
Pattern used: Pattern from the sewing magazine 'Knippen mode', June version of 2011. You know, if you'd like to sew but don't want to spend money on pattern (here they cost like 6€ for 1) go to your local library or the bigger ones and you'll definitely can find some sewing/crafting magazines for free ^^How happy are you with the result? 95% If the hem lines wouldn't roll up, I'd be 100% happy ^^
the oneshoulder dress

the one shoulder dress with the extra toppart on top.