Present ^^

Last week, Mini Mo from Sweet & Tiny (which was featured on my other blog, All about deco this week)
had contacted me and said she wanted to give me something. Oooh I was curious ^^
Then it arrived! Turned out it was a bracelet and some chocolate. I absolutely love the bracelet and I have been wearing it from the day I got it ^^
It's hard to capture but I tried my best, it's pink and blue pearls between bigger beads that have a blue core. I love pearls! The clasp is really cool too!

better view of the clasp

And the chocolate. As you can see I opened it already ^^.

Today I went shopping with my best friend 'cause yesterday I had my last thing to do for school! So yay vacation ^^ I also did some crafting in the weekend (and burned myself ^^') which I'll show you once it's finished. Really easy and a great result. 
Have a nice day!