I've been painting again ^^

On the Wednesday in the last week of my vacation, I had such an urge to paint so I did ^^
I started at 8 PM (which explains the rather dark pics), searched some images of dahlia's (my fav flower) and draw them on a canvas.
My brother shot down the computer so I had to colour them without an example, oh well :)
When I make (big) drawings or paintings I tend to photograph along the way, it's a nice view to see it grow I think.
It's made on a regular canvas with acrylic paint.

and the final picture
with flash

without flash

and a side-shot

I think the red looks a bit weird against the purple flower so I did a bit of a touch-up to the end to make the purple a bit more red.
So what do you think?
Next up is a post of my drawing for February on my Day Zero Project.