Friday, August 28, 2015

50 Projects in 2015: 13/50

I am very bad... posted in april, still haven't showed what I made...
can I give graduating and moving out of the house as an excuus? lol

Planning to make:
- Something with guitar strings
- Travel memory box for England
- Travel memory box for Japan
- String art (I have the wood!)
- Shadow box Wicked!  (first time making one!)
- Steampunk keepsake box
- Tshirt from silky flowerfabric
- Make something from the spoons I bought
- birthday calender
- something to hold our mail

- dress in black and white: bodice sewn, still need to make the skirt and add the zipper (I don't like zippers...); the fabric:

- Needle-felting a little bear from a kit (first time!)
- Drawing of a girl in the rain: can't find my aquarel paint...
- Drawing of a girl in wintertime: see above
- Redoing the table: it's been sanded, but need another layer + stencil + staining
- potholders

Made: 13/50
1. Stamp for shop with Thankyou and with Monogram

2. Little motorcycle from clay for boyfriend (picture coming)
3. Own boxes for shop (from own pattern!)

4. Yoga Tshirt from boyfriend's tshirt

5. redid a dresser (almost finished, still need knobs for the two smaller drawers but it's in use so, in the list it goes!) First time ever!This will get a more detailed post once it's finished!
Left = before, right = after

6. ring holder

7. stained glass like pendant (picture coming)

8. mixed media box

9. prettified (is that a word?) a coffeemaker

10. stenciled shirt

11. Painted quote: let's imagine this is finished ;)

12. Started gardening!

13. necklace from polymer clay, took way to long and isn't as neat as I would have liked it to be, won't be doing this again...

Voila, that's it... for now ;) 

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